Anthropic Dreams Chat

barbaranne:Oh dear            11:26am

phi16:I don’t know if you can find them anymore, tyg            11:26am

barbaranne:toooo funny            11:26am

SSue:he forgot to vent the can and it exploded            11:26am

TyggyToo:phi,  check As Seen On TV            11:26am

TyggyToo:!!!!!            11:26am

SSue:poor dog            11:27am

SSue:was not amused.  His Mom laughed for hours            11:27am

phi16:the paint is amazing today.            11:27am

barbaranne:I bet            11:27am

phi16:I’m repainting Atrium White over Atrium white done five years ago and its exactly the same.            11:27am

TyggyToo:see what clean living gets ya?            11:28am

phi16:I remember when you couldn’t get two gallons to match from the same order from the same shelf.            11:28am

barbaranne:lol            11:28am

SSue:oh my.  You will never find the misses, but neither will anyone else, so you are good to go!            11:28am

phi16:But I’m painting over a dark blue wall today so several coats required.            11:28am

phi16:which reminds me.  I should be getting back to it.            11:29am

SSue:have fun!            11:29am

phi16:Tyg, nice work on 601.  gogogo            11:29a

phi16:I’m playing leapfrog with tokens atm            11:30am

SSue:still have not started that one.            11:30am

tokens:goodbye phi            11:30am

phi16:oops.  he just leaped and I just frogged.            11:30am

tokens:just ran blue fuse            11:30am

phi16:hey tokens.            11:30am

tokens:hi phi            11:30am

phi16:see you later.            11:31am

SSue:bye phi 11:36am

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 Susume2:hi auntd!            11:45am


Susume2:fixing food, bbs            11:49am


auntdeen2:good morning all            11:49am


keithv:good morning            11:50am


auntdeen2:lol – priorities as I walk in the door:  turn on computer – start a client – start irc – open spreadsheet – look at irc            11:52am


keithv:lol            11:56am


keithv:sounds like my mornings…..get up, check foldit,  check email,  then make breakfast            11:56am


auntdeen2:                                   11:57am


auntdeen2:get up – check foldit – put on coffee – feed cats (but they don’t quite understand why computer comes before them, lol)            11:57am


auntdeen2:brb            12:04pm


ErichVonSterich:just bropped by, say, do ppl paint opposing walls of a room differently. cor color or space effects?            12:04pm


ErichVonSterich:bropped = good word, meant “dropped”            12:05pm


ErichVonSterich:and cor – for wottehell            12:07pm


Susume2:I’ve seen rooms with one bright “accent wall” and the rest neutral or pale            12:07pm


Susume2:hi evs            12:08pm


ErichVonSterich:howdy suew would you do that? I did once long time ago, 2 shades of green, kinda liked it            12:08pm


ErichVonSterich:sues of course, not suew            12:08pm


ErichVonSterich:or better, suse            12:08pm


ErichVonSterich:pbbbbbbblllllltttttttt            12:10pm


ErichVonSterich:?:)            12:13pm


ErichVonSterich:afk my name is Oddjob            12:16pm


tokens:hmm, I don’t get why they have given us 11 days for 601            12:17pm


tokens:I don’t like when they give us that much time            12:17pm


tokens:With many puzzles, they should give us shorter time, not longer            12:17pm


tokens:so you can focus your effort on one puzzle at a time 12:27pm

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Susume2:sry evs, too many windows open            12:33pm


Susume2:I would like to try an accent wall sometime 12:33pm

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barbaranne:*gives Sus’s wall a French accent*             12:37pm


barbaranne:(Well they do say, “If only walls could talk” )            12:37pm


barbaranne:                                   12:38pm


Susume2:lol            12:39pm


grampsIRC:barb, susume …            12:40pm


grampsIRC:601: group Recipe: 601 comment structs unedited            12:40pm


Susume2:cool, thanks gramps            12:40pm


grampsIRC:some interesting differences between predictions and as-delivered            12:43pm


grampsIRC:bbl            12:45pm


thunkirc:finally rested!            12:45pm


barbaranne:Hi gramps and thunk             12:53pm


thunkirc:Hi barb            12:58pm


ErichVonSterich:hey Suse. don’t go for French, I can’t hope to pronounce it. Ki;;s any hopes I have of becoming a famous pie chef!            12:59pm


ErichVonSterich:howdy thunkster, hi there gramps!            1:00pm


ErichVonSterich:and I’m off again, bbl 1:16pm

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mottiger:quiche?            1:33pm


rav3n_pl:q-what?            1:33pm


mottiger:the french pie EVS talked about            1:34pm


mottiger:uploaded my 599 but it seems very dead 1:34pm

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thunkirc:herp derp ron paul            1:38pm


thunkirc:                                   1:42pm


TyggyToo:HERP            1:45pm


thunkirc:The perfect candidate for naive young people unaware of their own privilege…            1:45pm


thunkirc:young white men, I should add            1:46pm


TyggyToo:and here I thought you were talking about lizard types of herps            1:46pm


tokens:ron paul? I’m not sure about him but there are some thoughts in the libertarian movement that I really like            1:46pm


tokens:(and other parts that are just too extreme) 1:48pm

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thunkirc:Yes, but he’s rather disturbingly racist and sexist…            1:49pm


thunkirc:And the right-libertarianism of America as a whole completely negates any concept of people having more privilege than others…            1:49pm


thunkirc:Don’t get me started on Ayn Rand though            1:50pm


tokens:ayn rand is definitely not libertarian… her ideas are just terrible            1:50pm


thunkirc:yes.            1:50pm


thunkirc:But I think that’s a “no true scotsman”, as Randian influences are (imho) present within libertarianism as practiced here.            1:51pm


tokens:that might be true            1:51pm


tokens:I don’t follow the us politics that closely            1:51pm


tokens:In general you are somewhat more conservative than we are            1:51pm


thunkirc:Quite.            1:52pm


thunkirc:And in rare cases, completely nuts.            1:52pm


tokens:                                   1:52pm


tokens:that as well            1:53pm


tokens:danish politics is quite homogeneous            1:53pm


thunkirc:A recent example:            1:53pm


tokens:except maybe for immigration policy            1:53pm


thunkirc:            2:00pm


tokens:Well, ok, that very us style politics            2:01pm


tokens:I mean, this is not a political discussion which would ever occur in Denmark            2:02pm


tokens:We might discuss how many money should go to help rape victims. But the discussion would be about how to prioritize. Say whether cancer patients need the money more            2:03pm


thunkirc:Yes, but BUDGET CUTS!!!            2:11pm


tokens:well, it shouldn’t be off limits to discuss cuts in funding for say rape victims, even though it’s a very emotional subject            2:12pm


tokens:sometimes you have to take those hard discussions            2:12pm


thunkirc:I know yes, but not singlehandedly mutilating the budget            2:12pm


thunkirc:And then complaining about how those “special interests” want money            2:13pm


tokens:sure            2:13pm


tokens:I don’t know anything about this particular case 2:29pm

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phi16:hi all            3:31pm


phi16:reading above…            3:32pm


phi16:not my favorite topics            3:32pm


phi16:looks like I’m a better folder when I’m not here. 3:37pm

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barbaranne:Hi phi … had a crash, so no idea of topics.  So just a hi from me             3:41pm


phi16:I just had a funny thing happen on client.            3:41pm


barbaranne:oh?            3:41pm


phi16:I couldn’t see the protein so I hit Q            3:41pm


phi16:nothing.            3:41pm


barbaranne:uhhuh            3:41pm


barbaranne:whoa            3:41pm


phi16:I saved and quit and restarted.            3:41pm


phi16:no protein.            3:42pm


barbaranne:ummmm ….            3:42pm


barbaranne:you lost it???            3:42pm


phi16:good score, everything working but it was off in outer space somewhere.            3:42pm


barbaranne:*hides protein from phi*            3:42pm


barbaranne:weird            3:42pm


phi16:so finally I hit reset and restore highest            3:42pm


phi16:that worked.            3:42pm


barbaranne:Whew            3:43pm


phi16:looks like I do a better job of folding when I’m not here.            3:43pm


barbaranne:Mine was nothing that .. err … exciting … just a blue screen             3:43pm


barbaranne:lol .. I find that regularly.            3:43pm


phi16:r9 in 601            3:43pm


barbaranne:Nice            3:43pm


barbaranne:I don’t even advertise my solo ranks  … too bad             3:43pm


barbaranne:                                   3:43pm


phi16:I think I give up too quickly when I’m starring at it.            3:43pm


phi16:thunder…            3:44pm


barbaranne:ooooo            3:44pm


phi16:its going to rain            3:44pm


phi16:I hope it cools down a little.            3:44pm


barbaranne:We’ve had rain here tonight, but just a little, and no storm with it.            3:44pm


barbaranne:I bet            3:44pm


barbaranne:You guys have been copping the heat there.            3:45pm


phi16:baby dove is already the size of my fist.            3:45pm


barbaranne:awww … how long ago did it hatch?            3:46pm


phi16:about four days            3:46pm


barbaranne:Neat            3:46pm


phi16:no wonder you never see baby doves or pidgeons.            3:47pm


phi16:they are only babies for an instant.            3:47pm


phi16:I always said they were born full-grown.            3:48pm


phi16:why are you awake, barb?            3:49pm


barbaranne:ummm … cos I didn’t go to sleep …            3:50pm


thunkirc:hia barb            3:50pm


thunkirc:*tacklehug*            3:50pm


barbaranne:It’s easy to say they are born full-grown until you have to raise one.            3:50pm


barbaranne:awwww … *tacklehugs thunk*            3:51pm


thunkirc:Oooh, severe tstms in the offing            3:51pm


phi16:very timely remark thunk.            3:51pm


phi16:I just am hearing distant thunder now.            3:52pm


thunkirc:Still sunny here. 3:52pm

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phi16:should be on top of us soon.            3:52pm


phi16:we can’t here the same thunder can we?            3:52pm


phi16:hear            3:52pm


barbaranne:lol … hope not phi            3:53pm


phi16:I was asking thunk.            3:53pm


phi16:One year in school, some art students did a great project.            3:54pm


phi16:they spread out over NY and New Jersey and photographed the progress of a thunder cloud from all different angles for a couple of hours.            3:55pm


phi16:long before internet and cellphones.  it was great to watch the progress as the cloud grew and moved. 3:55pm

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barbaranne:Fascinating            3:56pm


phi16:at one point they had four different photographs of the same cloud taken fifty miles apart            3:57pm


phi16:.6 mile = 1 km            3:58pm


phi16:thunk must be off looking at the radar.            4:01pm


thunkirc:I broke my desk chair            4:01pm


thunkirc:THankfully, I have another.            4:02pm


barbaranne:How did you break your chair??            4:04pm


RabidNimravid:by using 2 at once, i guess            4:04pm


phi16:getting dark and overcast.  winds picking up a little and the air is cooling by 10 or more.            4:05pm


RabidNimravid:hi-bye all 4:10pm

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thunkirc:no.            4:11pm


thunkirc:I apparently leaned back way too ard.            4:12pm


thunkirc:hard.            4:18pm


phi16:  hey, give me a break meatx            4:19pm


meatexplosion:beep beep            4:21pm


phi16:its raining 4:53pm

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thunkirc:Mars atmosphere: weak sauce            5:11pm


phi16:hey, what what kind of sauce?            5:11pm


rav3n_pl:sweet            5:12pm


rav3n_pl:                                   5:12pm


rav3n_pl:hey team            5:12pm


phi16:hi rav 5:15pm

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phi16:I’ve heard it said that the high score is not always closest to natural shape of protein.  Is it still a good indicator? 5:18pm

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rav3n_pl:”not always” is key            5:22pm


rav3n_pl:in most cases it is 5:22pm

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phi16:rav, I’m seeing that running Comp too long can settle the protein too much.            5:35pm


phi16:why would that be? is there fuze or too much wiggle or something else happening to the protein?            5:40pm


rav3n_pl:mutae?            5:41pm


phi16:no, normal puzzle.            5:42pm


rav3n_pl:what combo?            5:42pm


rav3n_pl:ah, compressor?            5:42pm


rav3n_pl:idk, it works sometimes on walked stiff ones            5:42pm


rav3n_pl:so i`m not sure it really do that            5:44pm


phi16:its hard to say.  sometimes it goes for 20 loops and then scores.  I once had it 70 loops without a score and then score.            5:45pm


phi16:But I’m wondering if all that time it is also taking the life out of the protein.            5:45pm


phi16:Everyone says that endgame isn’t what it used to be.  Sometimes, when I finish DRW and COMP there is no endgame left.            5:45pm


rav3n_pl:nonono            5:45pm


rav3n_pl:it is resetting to best form time to time            5:46pm


rav3n_pl:see log            5:47pm


phi16:yes, I understand that.  So if it is resetting then you are saying there os no possibility of it taking mojo from the protein.            5:47pm


ErichVonSterich:hey kind ppl, I’m not having any luck for past 2 days, evo-ing tokens‘ shares of 596 any suggestions?            5:47pm


ErichVonSterich:hi phi            5:47pm


ErichVonSterich:rav, too-            5:47pm


phi16:tokens are difficult.            5:48pm


ErichVonSterich:like mine?            5:48pm


phi16:I tried several things before one worked.             5:48pm


lam2:hey all            5:48pm


phi16:did I succeed in that one evs?            5:48pm


phi16:hi lam            5:48pm


ErichVonSterich:gary minima finder or just pile driver compactness            5:48pm


lam2:do I have to restart everything with the new update??            5:48pm


phi16:gmf didn’t work            5:49pm


lam2:gmf also doesn’t work on 599            5:49pm


rav3n_pl:hey evs            5:49pm


ErichVonSterich:iam, not totally necessary. Lots of little do-dads mostly.            5:49pm


lam2:hey rav            5:49pm


rav3n_pl:and lam            5:49pm


ErichVonSterich:phi i havent looked for your name, i dunno sorry            5:49pm


auntdeen2:hi guys            5:49pm


lam2:hey auntd            5:49pm


auntdeen2:(and lurking gals)            5:49pm


ErichVonSterich:auntie’s here! The circle is complete!            5:49pm


auntdeen2:lol evs            5:50pm


lam2:so I do not have to restrat my client?            5:50pm


phi16:hi auntdeen            5:50pm


ErichVonSterich:me, I wouldn’t t hink its necessary, lam. If you like the latest in things, go ahead-            5:51pm


phi16:I did restart.  no problems.            5:51pm


lam2:restart just takes me so damned long            5:51pm


auntdeen2:I have a topic of conversation for whole group for the next couple of weeks…  casp proper will be over, into refinement phase            5:51pm


phi16:but I’m just a lowly mac fellow            5:51pm


lam2:haha            5:51pm


ErichVonSterich:query – if one is running a particular version, starts a new client while old is running, and a new upgrade starts to load, whets to do?            5:51pm


auntdeen2:skip it            5:52pm


phi16:have we had any feed back yet, auntdeen            5:52pm


lam2:good            5:52pm


lam2:care to share auntd?            5:52pm


auntdeen2:best to have all clients closed to do upgrade            5:52pm


auntdeen2:okay….            5:52pm


ErichVonSterich:smart gal, auntie            5:52pm


auntdeen2:first, a short history lesson…..            5:53pm


auntdeen2:last spring (over a year ago) wudoo was #1 global rank            5:53pm


mottiger:*takes notes because always slept in history at high school*            5:53pm


lam2:yes            5:53pm


auntdeen2:he had a habit of jumping into new puzzle – shooting to #1 and staying at top            5:53pm


lam2:and started Androids            5:53pm


auntdeen2:drove us crazy            5:53pm


lam2:which mott and I joined            5:53pm


auntdeen2:months earlier, lam            5:53pm


lam2:okay            5:53pm


ErichVonSterich:thats what I do auntie!!            5:54pm


ErichVonSterich:continue auntie-i-o            5:54pm


lam2:sorry            5:54pm


auntdeen2:we went nuts trying to figure out how he was doing that kind of speed folding….            5:54pm


auntdeen2:so one day I had a really bizarre idea…            5:55pm


auntdeen2:tried it for myself and it seemed to give a speed boost            5:55pm


ErichVonSterich:????            5:55pm


ErichVonSterich:whay was it?            5:55pm


auntdeen2:it was starting the puzzle in low ci            5:55pm


ErichVonSterich:oh yes that one            5:55pm


auntdeen2:so we started developing that here in group            5:56pm


auntdeen2:we found that it didn’t always work on type of puzzle (you know that)            5:56pm


rav3n_pl:hey aunty            5:56pm


auntdeen2:and it didn’t always work for certain people’s styles            5:56pm


auntdeen2:hi rav            5:56pm


rav3n_pl:i have joke, but for adults can i put it?            5:56pm


auntdeen2:but generally – it did allow us to speed through hand builds and tweaks            5:57pm


auntdeen2:*facepalm* looks at list            5:57pm


ErichVonSterich:sh rav auntie’s teaching history lesson            5:57pm


auntdeen2:go ahead            5:57pm


rav3n_pl:                                   5:57pm


rav3n_pl:Pimp is visiting his 3 whores to collect money            5:58pm


rav3n_pl:going to 1st whore, “Gimme my $100”            5:58pm


rav3n_pl:she said “I own you only $50!”            5:58pm


rav3n_pl:pip slap her “dont correct me biath!”            5:58pm


rav3n_pl:he go to 2nd whore “Gimme my $150!”            5:59pm


rav3n_pl:and she say “I won you only $100!”            5:59pm


rav3n_pl:pimp slaps her “Dont correct me biatch!”            5:59pm


rav3n_pl:he go to 3rd whore “Gimme my $200!”            6:00pm


rav3n_pl:she say “I own you only $150!”            6:00pm


rav3n_pl:pimp slaps 3rd whore “Dont correct me biatch!”            6:00pm


rav3n_pl:he go to 4th whore            6:00pm


rav3n_pl:”Gimme my $250!”            6:01pm


drjr:lol            6:01pm


rav3n_pl:*fail*            6:01pm


mottiger:hmmm            6:02pm


auntdeen2:… so happy I’m just one of the guys around here            6:02pm


mottiger:is it over?            6:02pm


lam2:oh yeah            6:02pm


phi16:ok. you said three whores.            6:02pm




slaps phi162            6:02pm


auntdeen2:oooooooook            6:02pm


ErichVonSterich:I dont get it anyway rav            6:02pm


rav3n_pl:”Dont correct me”!            6:02pm


ErichVonSterich:GACK!!            6:02pm


rav3n_pl::DDD            6:02pm


auntdeen2:um – thanks, rav            6:02pm


mottiger:lol            6:03pm


phi16:sorry, rav.  I was a little late.            6:03pm


auntdeen2:back to history lesson            6:03pm


mottiger:nice one rav            6:03pm


rav3n_pl:yea, i was sure that someone will shoot much earlier            6:03pm


ErichVonSterich:vtude, man, creewwwd!            6:03pm


lam2:we were at low ci            6:03pm


lam2:right?            6:03pm


ErichVonSterich:&crude            6:03pm


auntdeen2:so the low ci worked well for most puzzles and most people            6:03pm


ErichVonSterich:dammitall I mean “crude”            6:03pm


auntdeen2:we collectively did many scripts            6:04pm


phi16:yes, low ci has become sort of a philosophy            6:04pm


auntdeen2:we figured that when we had both recovered #1 group and had the bugs worked out we would share with all folders            6:04pm


auntdeen2:then wiggle/handbuilding went bad            6:05pm


auntdeen2:the low ci thing was pretty useless, and stayed that way for months            6:05pm


auntdeen2:as did handbuilding, of course            6:05pm


rav3n_pl:*sliders bug!*            6:05pm


auntdeen2:it’s really been pretty recent that low ci and handwork is “working” again            6:06pm


auntdeen2:yep rav            6:06pm


auntdeen2:so…….  we have recovered #1 global team rank            6:06pm


auntdeen2:it works again            6:06pm


auntdeen2:and the main part of casp is almost over            6:06pm


auntdeen2:so the topic for the next couple of weeks is:            6:07pm


auntdeen2:do we share this technique with all folders – do we share some of the scripts – and if so – then when?            6:08pm


auntdeen2:I don’t think that most other folders have a clue about this – there are no standard global recipes that focus on it            6:08pm


drjr:The ci slider is already in BiS v2            6:08pm


auntdeen2:possible that VC & Contenders have technique, but also keeping it to themselves            6:08pm


drjr:They should wonder about that            6:09pm


auntdeen2:…….and last funny thing – from what wudoo finally said in global about his technique – this wasn’t it            6:09pm


mottiger:wudoo had magic hands and some magic scripts            6:09pm


lam2:true mott            6:09pm


lam2:and never shared any of his secrets – at least with me            6:10pm


auntdeen2:                                   6:10pm


auntdeen2:but I find it funny that we came up with something that had nothing to do with whatever he did            6:10pm


mottiger:he had his own scripts only he could understand            6:11pm


lam2:uh huh            6:11pm


mottiger:never had success with them            6:11pm


auntdeen2:brb            6:11pm


mottiger:but you bringing up a good point aunti, should this knowledge be shared or not            6:12pm


lam2:@auntd I am going to ask a supid question            6:12pm


lam2:stupid            6:12pm


lam2:IF we are the only ones that know of the low ci technique            6:13pm


lam2:and we share withe the entire Foldit community            6:13pm


phi162:does everyone feel, as auntdeen, that low ci has made AD #1?             6:13pm


drjr:I think we rock without it as well            6:13pm


mottiger:i dunno, who are the topscorers right now and do they use low ci?            6:13pm


phi162:agreed.            6:13pm


lam2:how, if at all, does that affect the intellectual property brouhaha we recently went through?            6:14pm


lam2:just sayin            6:14pm


rav3n_pl:we need add it to wiki            6:14pm


phi162:lam, that’s not at issue.            6:14pm


drjr:I say we hint a bit and remain coy.            6:15pm


rav3n_pl:”AnthropicDreams low CI techniqe”            6:15pm


lam2:why no issue phi?            6:15pm


phi162:using a tool in a certain way is an art.  not an invention, patent or science            6:15pm


rav3n_pl:in fact, i told fold cental about that on my skype interview            6:15pm


lam2:scripts are not art            6:15pm


Susume2:My guess is the tehcnique is used differently or not at all in many of our top scoring solutions            6:15pm


rav3n_pl:*slaps lam2            6:16pm


lam2:ouch!!            6:16pm


rav3n_pl:                                   6:16pm


mottiger:                                   6:16pm


phi162:thank you rav.  my point exactly.            6:16pm


lam2:well I think auntd is right            6:16pm


lam2:this needs to be discussed with everyone            6:16pm


rav3n_pl:hand fold is essenial            6:17pm


phi162:I wonder how much it contributes to our overall success.            6:17pm


rav3n_pl:scripts barely helps to make them score 6:17pm

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BitSpawnIRC joined the chat room.            6:17pm


rav3n_pl:if shape is wrong even best script will not help            6:18pm


rav3n_pl:bur good scripts on bad shape can overtake bad scripts on good shape…            6:18pm


rav3n_pl:if score are close            6:19pm


phi162:Sounds premature to share technique. We’re allowed to foster creativity within the group.            6:19pm


rav3n_pl:premature?            6:19pm


phi162:yes, too early            6:20pm


auntdeen2:*back and listening*            6:20pm


rav3n_pl:i understand term, but we do it this way from months            6:20pm


phi162:rav, you are being too modest about what your scripts contribute.            6:20pm


rav3n_pl:so wky premature|?            6:20pm


rav3n_pl:ah            6:20pm


phi162:a master like auntdeen can use your scripts to orchestrate beautiful solutions.            6:20pm


rav3n_pl:secret/top secret ?;



phi162:the point was not to keep it secret.            6:21pm


rav3n_pl:all my new public sctipts have maxci option then i thing ppl start usimg that anyway            6:21pm


phi162:the point was to develop the technique further.            6:22pm


rav3n_pl:it would be nice to WE say about “Hey! it can be done in lowci from start!” that someone figure this out and put publick            6:22pm


auntdeen2:one reason that has prompted me to ask was this:  I did initital w/s on 601 at normal by mistake            6:22pm


auntdeen2:and thought I would play it out…            6:22pm


rav3n_pl:meh, my 1st moves are s 0.02 and w 0.05            6:22pm


rav3n_pl:then see how it looks            6:23pm


auntdeen2:taking forever to do the handbuilding that is so fast in low ci…  why?  because in low ci – you do rebuild – look for highest spot on undo graph – w/s – move on            6:24pm


auntdeen2:in normal, you need to test many spots on graph, best is NOT highest, usually – and do a fusing of some kind to get best of it            6:24pm


auntdeen2:same with tweaks            6:25pm


rav3n_pl:*never tried that lol* on hand biuld i look ar shape, then shake to check for soem big collisions and rebuild smaller pieces if it still looks wrong            6:25pm


phi162:auntdeen, don’t you think other teams have their ‘secrets’ too?            6:25pm


auntdeen2:and thinking to myself omg if I had to do this in normal ci all the time before thinking of the low ci thing…..            6:25pm


rav3n_pl:then i throw lowci drw on it            6:25pm


auntdeen2:phi – I’m sure they do            6:26pm


auntdeen2:and it’s possible this is one of them            6:26pm


phi162:so, unless this was so definitively a game winning strategy, why share it?            6:26pm


rav3n_pl:all our secret scripts leaked because of one smart guy, and it not hurt much 6:26pm

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fishercat joined the chat room.            6:26pm


auntdeen2:I don’t think it’s “game-winning”            6:26pm


rav3n_pl:phi162: steroids?            6:26pm


auntdeen2:I think it benefits the speed that you can complete a puzzle            6:27pm


phi162:exactly, rav.            6:27pm


rav3n_pl:it is helpful, but i`m not sure it is cause we can win            6:27pm


rav3n_pl:phi162: give`m to all            6:27pm


auntdeen2:to me, it’s what you do when you do by hand            6:27pm


mottiger:so how low is low CI?            6:27pm


rav3n_pl:i`m wokring on 0.5            6:27pm


phi162:if this made playing no fun anymore, I would say share it immediately.  But I’m not sure it is like AD on steroids.            6:27pm


auntdeen2:good question, mott            6:28pm


rav3n_pl:when running scripts            6:28pm


rav3n_pl:on hand work – 0.1 or lower            6:28pm


auntdeen2:lol – I use .2 the most            6:28pm


rav3n_pl:CI is screwd since darn sliders            6:28pm


auntdeen2:that is part of the whole thing – we all use it differently (if we use it at all)            6:28pm


rav3n_pl:year ago 0.1 wiggle was always negative            6:29pm


BitSpawnIRC:I use 0.2, then 0.4, hi            6:29pm


rav3n_pl:hey bit            6:29pm


BitSpawnIRC:(reading)            6:29pm


phi162:hi bit            6:29pm


rav3n_pl:you missed slapping            6:29pm


rav3n_pl:                                   6:29pm


mottiger:maybe it time that i start with that low CI thing too            6:29pm


BitSpawnIRC:abpout sharing… (writting in google trans :D)            6:29pm


BitSpawnIRC:I do not think low-ci technique is the key, nor scripts, many AD members are excellent in specific puzzle types, the Raven barrel, now Token, Meat with big puzzles, the fact that we have much and good evolver, and we share our solos… I’m good with the mutates and those that require new SS, but fatal with symmetry and others            6:29pm


BitSpawnIRC:There are many reasons why AD is first, my vote is for sharing what we know, because people will remain the same in AD and we will remain the first one            6:30pm


rav3n_pl:*applause*            6:30pm


auntdeen2:                                   6:30pm


phi162:nicely said.            6:30pm


BitSpawnIRC:(google) :DD            6:31pm


Susume2:I agree with Bit, we can share this freely and still be #1 team because we have so many strong folders with different skills            6:31pm


auntdeen2:I think that my perspective is that using this can make handwork easier/faster            6:31pm


rav3n_pl:and avoid protein stiffness            6:31pm


auntdeen2:and the more complex folding gets, would like to see at least *some* new people stay            6:32pm


auntdeen2:we absolutely do have the best range of folders here            6:32pm


rav3n_pl:yea, 110ppl on global? sad…            6:33pm


phi162:I’m with Bit.  We’re #1.  Sharing won’t make a difference.            6:33pm


auntdeen2:so long as wiggle and diversity scoring doesn’t break again, we will stay #1            6:33pm


rav3n_pl:lol, bit turned phi            6:33pm


phi162:yup            6:33pm


auntdeen2:                                   6:34pm


auntdeen2:we can’t decide this without most of team speaking opinion            6:34pm


rav3n_pl:looks like noone opposed now            6:34pm


SSue:hi all   reading back…. i agree.  share the idea            6:34pm


auntdeen2:that’s why I said we need to discuss over the next couple of weeks            6:34pm


rav3n_pl:put post on our forum aunty            6:35pm


auntdeen2:…I do know one person who will be happy, gramps wanted this just before it went downhill            6:35pm


grampsIRC:                                   6:35pm


phi162:Put this dialog in post.            6:35pm


westrel3IRC:I’m OK with sharing            6:35pm


auntdeen2:yes – I think the whole dialog            6:36pm


rav3n_pl:westrel? i`m missed another new member?            6:36pm


auntdeen2:drjr – what say you?            6:36pm


Susume2:westrel’s been with us for a while rav            6:36pm


grampsIRC:I can’t share my strategy globally until rav/skye’s cool with globalizing RR2.1.2 and rav with comp1.1 loss            6:36pm


auntdeen2:rofl rav – wes has been with us for 6 months or so            6:36pm


drjr:I say hint at it first then watch the ripples of curiosity            6:36pm


Susume2:he was at meet-up            6:36pm


rav3n_pl:another nick or we just not spoke… ever … lol            6:37pm


rav3n_pl:compressor is shared long time ago            6:37pm


auntdeen2:gramps – I don’t know about that strategy (it’s been mine, too, lol            6:37pm


rav3n_pl:i`m not usrig RR            6:38pm


grampsIRC:rav: I think you mod’ed the RR2.1.2 version, but skye has the last word            6:38pm


westrel3IRC:Hi rav, I like your scripts            6:38pm


auntdeen2:gramps – I think that skye’s RR concept may have come from different group?  so that may not be sharable            6:38pm


BitSpawnIRC:I don’t know RR            6:38pm


grampsIRC:aunt: didn’t know that            6:39pm


auntdeen2:…not sure            6:39pm


grampsIRC:item: ask skye             6:39pm


phi162:wait…            6:39pm


auntdeen2:we have to remember that this group was founded by people who left other groups –            6:39pm


rav3n_pl:RR is using structures when rebuild to change shape            6:39pm


grampsIRC:kk            6:39pm


thunkirc:hi all, bah            6:40pm


rav3n_pl:i added that to some drw version … long forgotten            6:40pm


auntdeen2:and we have taken others in, so we just need to be sure that we don’t put something out there that we shouldn’t            6:40pm


phi162:Let’s just talk about low ci sharing before we start discussing sharing lots of derivitive scripts.            6:40pm


auntdeen2:good thinking, phi            6:40pm


auntdeen2:thunk – is “bah” pertinent to this convo?            6:41pm


grampsIRC:concur — low ci first            6:41pm


rav3n_pl:scripts aside, we talking about technique now lol            6:41pm


grampsIRC:thunk’s weather, I’m guessing            6:41pm


thunkirc:sorry.            6:41pm


thunkirc:I’m just foldrupt            6:41pm


auntdeen2:awww            6:41pm


thunkirc:Sorry to disrupt.            6:41pm


grampsIRC:                                   6:41pm


auntdeen2:np            6:42pm


grampsIRC:heh thunk, disruptive is a **good** word in many quarters atm            6:42pm


auntdeen2:so drjr – how would we go about “hinting”, lol            6:42pm


thunkirc:The weather’s fine. As for sharing; I think it’s time already. Can’t sit on secrets forever.            6:42pm


phi162:Let me ask a simple question.  By sharing can we simply describe what we have found and leave it at that.  Others, can do with the info as they see fit.  A couple of sample scripts might help but its hard to draw the line when you start sharing scripts.            6:42pm


auntdeen2:I doubt this will come as big surprise to some folders, it’s really a simple concept            6:43pm


thunkirc:Yes. Maybe do this gradually            6:43pm


auntdeen2:phi – you could be right            6:43pm


thunkirc:Describe the concept first, then ease in with the scripts            6:43pm


grampsIRC:vanilla foldit forum topic?            6:43pm


auntdeen2:well – rav – some of your scripts have low ci option shared in global, yes?            6:44pm


phi162:if so, good.  the curious will go off and use those options.            6:45pm


auntdeen2:well – to me as personal folder – the way it speeds up initial hand building is the most value…  and it goes against any info available in methods or wiki            6:46pm


rav3n_pl:yes, last drw, gab, bag bis            6:46pm


auntdeen2:lol – perhaps I should do a wiki “auntdeen strategy”            6:46pm


phi162:add a wiki Auntdeen.            6:46pm


auntdeen2:and just say that I use some scripts set at low ci after builds/tweaks            6:48pm


rav3n_pl:”AnthropicDreams secret strategy” would be nicer            6:48pm


auntdeen2:or is it better to do a bigger entry of “Team AD method”            6:48pm


auntdeen2:rofl rav – and jinx            6:48pm


rav3n_pl:                                   6:48pm


auntdeen2:well – we all need to discuss            6:49pm


auntdeen2:and won’t do anything until the last casp puzzle is over in week and a half (then into just refinements)            6:50pm


auntdeen2:…mainly because I don’t have the time to even think about writing something up            6:50pm


drjr:If we merely state that we have a secret, then perhaps someone else will come up with something new as in the case of wudoo            6:50pm

mottiger:rav in GAB BiS v2.0.1 the fuze and qstab thresholds are like the old ones? -20 means just fuze if you are 20 over best score?            6:50pm

auntdeen2:and everyone needs to have some say in this            6:50pm

auntdeen2:drjr            6:50pm

auntdeen2:brb            6:51pm

rav3n_pl:mottiger: i thin i made it opposide, positive is when you pass best score, negative wen you are close to best            6:52pm

rav3n_pl:just check it if it fuze w/o “new best score” in log then you will know 6:52pm

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phi162:Auntdeen, this low ci technique mimics the behavior of a known phenomenon of real-life protein formation called ‘molten globules’ .  Maybe one of the scientists could talk about the similarities/differences.            6:53pm

phi162:gotta go now bbl

About phi16

Science is on the verge of discovering how proteins fold. That milestone will usher in whole new ways of thinking about drug development, cures to diseases and approaches to lifestyle and medicine. Laboratories around the globe are coming at the problem from every angle. From brute force, folding every which way, to cataloguing known proteins by shape and size, they hope to solve the problem in the next few years. This blog is a thought experiment into how proteins fold.
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